Jade Coyne has partnered up with Pretty Face Finance to offer you a variety of finance options.  Pretty Face Finance was created based on the constant growing demand for cosmetic procedures, but the lack of finance options or realistic payment plans currently available within the industry. Pretty Face allows you to affordably spread the cost of your treatments over an achievable timescale convenient to yourself.

Application for finance is simple. Click the ‘Apply for Finance’ button and type ‘Jade Coyne’ into the clinic name box to get started! You can choose the treatment you want and apply for the finance package suitable for you. Only treatments that are £100 or more are available on finance. There are four finance packages available ranging from one to nine monthly payments.




How do we accredit practitioners in order to allow them to utilise our services ?

The team at Pretty Face Finance will carry out thorough checks on any practitioner prior to adding them to our site. This is inclusive of relevant insurance, qualifications and registration with appropriate governing bodies where required. In the case of prescription medicines a registered Doctor or Nurse Prescriber MUST have confirmed their responsibility for such treatments and has agreed that they undertake all face to face initial consultations in relation to prescription medicines prior to administration. If you believe that somebody listed on our site is practicing in an unsafe manner or not adhering to regulations then please contact us with any supporting evidence at

What is bank vision? Why am I asked for my online banking details? Is this safe and secure?

BankVision is a new piece of banking security technology which enables finance companies like ourselves to lend based on a persons affordability not their credit history. Your details are secure and encrypted and can only be seen by you. This step enables your bank to send us the figures from your last 3 months of statements to calculate if you can afford the monthly installments based on your income and outgoings. Having this step means we can not only lend very quickly but also offer credit to those with poor credit and thin credit files who would be denied elsewhere. This technology is fully license and approved with the Financial Conduct Authority and you can read more about it in the terms which are located on payl8rs website. If you do not want to go through BankVision then you can instead send payl8r your last 3 months of bank statements manually in an email.

What if I am unable to keep up with my payments?

Our lending is based on customer’s affordability therefore we would not lend to anyone who could not afford the monthly repayments. However, in the event that your circumstances change please contact the Payl8R team and they will work with you to reduce your monthly instalments into a more manageable figure.

When will the terms and conditions of my finance agreement start?

The agreement will start on the day you receive the actual treatment. This will be the same day funds will be sent over to the chosen clinic in order to pay for your procedure.

What if I am unhappy with the outcome of my treatment?

We are unable to deal with individual complaints on behalf of clinics. In such instance you would be required to follow the clinics usual complaints procedure and come to an amicable resolution between yourselves. If this was to result in a refund then the clinic would refund you directly – in which case you could then simply clear your finance if you wished to.

What if I want to use a clinic that does not appear to be listed on your site?

Unfortunately, we can only lend funds for clinics listed with Pretty Face Finance. This is because we carry out thorough checks (inclusive of qualifications & insurance) to ensure our customers are only visiting trusted practitioners. If you let us know the name of the clinic you wish to attend then we can contact them and introduce ourselves. Providing they meet all required criteria they could potentially be added to our site. Alternatively, you could recommend they contact us in order to sign up for our services.

What happens if following a consultation with my practitioner I decide to change what I want to a treatment at a lower/higher cost?

You can simply log in online to your account and amend the amount accordingly. This is a very quick and simple process. If you are unsure precisely of the amount, product, or even treatment which you require then we would recommend potentially attending clinic for a consultation prior to completing your application – then you know exactly what to apply for.

What if I haven’t finished paying off existing finance but decide I want another treatment?

Good news! You can keep using our service for your on-going treatments and maintenance appointments – even if you haven’t cleared existing finance! (Providing you are keeping up with payments).

What if I decide not to go ahead with the procedure?

Here at Pretty Face Finance we completely understand that sometimes such procedures are a big decision that may require a lot of time and thought. We pay the clinics directly following your treatment. So, if following your consultation, you decide that treatment is not appropriate for you or you do not feel completely comfortable to go ahead, then you are under NO obligations whatsoever to continue. We simply will not release the funds and will cancel your application at that point.

What is payl8r?

Payl8r is a payment option that enables customers to purchase goods and services online and spread the cost over a time period to suit. Payl8r offers customer finance and credit based on a persons affordability not just their credit history. This means that we can lend to a wide variety of people including students and those with poor credit file!