The Cleanse Off Mitt is a microfibre makeup removal tool! It can quickly removes all makeup, SPF, oil, and pollution naturally. It can even remove mascara, and it’s false-lash safe!  


The Cleanse Off Mitt is designed to remove all traces of makeup with just the mitt, ie no cleanser is needed. It is also ideal as a pre-cleanse option before your regular double cleanse.


Place your hand into the Mitt, just add warm water and remove all makeup/pollution etc from the face. It’s easy-peasy, environmentally friendly, sustainable, and super-skin friendly, too. 


Remember it is advisable to change your Cleanse Off Mitt every three months. 


PINK LIMITED EDITION Cleanse off Mitt (single)

  • Remove your COM from the reusable packaging! Soak the COM in lukewarm water, wring it out, pop your hand in and glide it across your face in circular motions, or in a gentle, outward swiping motion.

    Follow it up with a cleanser for the best results!