Thanks to a unique seven-step brow shaping treatment, you can have the ultimate HD Brows. Have you ever wondered how celebrities manage to get those perfectly formed eyebrows? HD Brows puts celebrity beauty within your reach but be warned, once you’ve tried this celebrity brow treatment, you’ll love your new brows so much there’ll be no turning back!

Whether you have overgrown or over plucked brows, HD Brows can transform your brows into a shape suited to your face and make you feel like a brand new you!

What are HD Brows?

HD Brows is a seven step eyebrow shaping treatment that focuses on design. It involves a combination of techniques, including tinting, waxing and threading and uses specialist HD Brows products. There is also a full range of products you can purchase from the official website to enhance your brows in between visits.


How often will I need the HD Brows treatment?

On average you will need them done every four weeks. This will vary between clients depending on the speed of hair growth.

Will I get results I want straight away?

Most people get the HD Brows look immediately. However, sometimes it takes a few visits for your brows to be perfected.

I have over plucked my brows. Can I still have HD Brows?

Yes, I will put you on a regrowth programme that will train your brows into shape over a course of visits. To speed up your regrowth and make your brows look better between visits, there are HD Brows products that will stimulate growth and make your eyebrows appear full and defined.

Can I choose a shape?

Absolutely, brow shapes are tailored to the individual as they have to suit your look and personality. Your brows can be made dark or light, thick or thin, sharp or soft. Your input is important in deciding the best shape and look for you. I will consider your hair growth, look, colouring and face shape when deciding on your brow design.

A patch test must be carried out at least 48 hours prior to treatment.



Brow Lamination is an incredible treatment which allows me to reset your natural brow hairs into a style that creates the illusion of thicker and fuller brows! A tint and wax in included.

The Brow Lamination results last for 6-8 weeks so it is recommended to have HDBrows in between your lamination appointments. This will ensure your brows stay shaped and tinted.

You will be given a brow brush and castor oil to take home with you and full aftercare is given at the time of booking.

A patch test must be carried out at least 48 hours prior to treatment.

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Microblading is a manual method of cosmetic tattooing, which does not use a machine. It uses a disposable hand-held tool, which enables me to mimic the most natural hair strokes and create the perfect brow for each client. The pigment is implanted in the basal membrane, which divides the epidermis from the dermis layer of the skin. This technique is therefore more superficial than tattooing, leaving extremely crisp, natural looking hair strokes.

This amazing eyebrow treatment suits people who have the wrong brow shape, over plucked brows, loss of hair or patchy areas that won’t grow back which can be due to medical reasons such as alopecia or chemotherapy. It is also perfect for those clients wishing to strengthen their brow shape without the need for daily makeup.

Combination Brows

Combination Brows combine Microblading and Microshading techniques to create a fuller and more defined brow.

The Microshading technique is performed by using a tapping motion to insert pigment in betweeen the microbladed strokes. The effect is basically the same you would achieve when adding quality brow powder, using brow pencil or brow gel on your brows. Of course you are welcome to do that even after having Combination Brows but you don't need to.

Combination Brows are great for those who have oily skin or little to no hair as it creates more definition but is also great for those who want a 'powder/make up finish'.


How long does it last?

Depending on how well you look after your new eyebrows, they will last for around a year. A colour boost is recommended annually.  Aftercare is paramount to maintaining your new brows.

Does it hurt?

No, not really. On a scale of 1-10, most clients report a discomfort of about a 3.

How long do they take to heal?

It takes approximately one to two weeks. Some heal quicker than others and scabs may form but it is fine to go out in public.

Do I need to remove my existing eyebrow hair first?

No. I will work with your existing eyebrow hair, blending the hair strokes in seamlessly.

Can I have it done if I’m pregnant or breastfeeding?

No. You will need to wait until your baby has arrived and is fully weaned before you can have the treatment.

How long is the appointment?

The first appointment takes approximately two hours. Approximately 45 minutes of the treatment is designing your new brows.

Can I wear makeup after?

Not on the brows for at least two weeks but everywhere else is fine.

A microblading treatment is a two part procedure. You will have your top up session 4 weeks after the initial session, which is included in the price.

A full consultation and patch test must be carried out at least 48 hours prior to treatment.



The revolutionary alternative to lash extensions! A lash lift use innovative

techniques to gently lift and straighten the natural lashes.


  • A lash lift will add length, volume and lift to your natural lashes
    without the need for lash extensions

  • A completely natural, low maintenance treatment

  • No harsh perming techniques

  • Treatment takes just 45 minutes and lasts up to six weeks


A patch test must be carried out at least 48 hours prior to treatment.