Sculptural Face Lifting (includes intraoral massage)

Only a handful of therapists around the world offer this unique and powerful technique created by Yakov Gershkovich.


The Sculptural Face Lifting programme transforms lives from the inside out. Our feelings, emotions and life experiences have a huge, lasting impact on how we look, how we age and how we feel.


‘It’s written all over your face.’


Every emotion you’ve ever experienced is held and stored in your face. Over time, the bones and muscles in your face become tense, compressed and tight. As a result, your features begin to change, blood and lymphatic flow are restricted, lines and wrinkles set in and skin becomes loose and saggy.


By releasing the stress that is stored in (and on) your face, you will not only look younger, but you will feel lighter. 


This is a profoundly unique treatment that works on a psycho-emotional level and is deeply transformative.

Sculpt + Lift : 4-Week Programme                        £340

x4 one hour sessions 

Sculpt + Lift : 8-Week Programme                        £600

x8 one hour sessions 

Available to book online under the 'memberships' section.

Payment for the 8-Week Programme is split over 2 months.


Virtual Skincare Consultation 


This virtual 1:1 consultation provides you with the opportunity to have a detailed professional consultation from the comfort of your own home. 

Whether you need advice on where to get started with skincare, how to refresh your current routine or if you want to target a specific skin concern - I am here to guide you on your journey to healthy, glowing skin at home.

You will receive a consultation form a few days before your scheduled appointment and will be asked to send close up photos of your skin with no makeup and in good lighting.

The consultation can be done via zoom, facetime or whatsapp and takes approx. 30 minutes.

FREE Product and Homecare Review

(existing clients only)

The product and homecare review appointment is for those existing clients that have been put on their recommended skincare regime and are ready to add new products to take their skin game to the next level. 

When you begin a new skincare regime, it's best to keep it simple and focus on getting your skin balanced. Once this has been achieved, we can start to enhance your results and target areas of concern. 

I recommended a product/homecare review 1-14 days after you start your skin journey and then every 1-2 months after that. 



Ormedic Facial.


A papaya, pineapple, pumpkin and mango infused blend of organic and medically effective ingredients designed to rebalance tired, stressed, and dull-looking skin. This non-chemical peel naturally rebalances, regenerates, restores, and soothes your skin with organic ingredients. This fruit enzyme peel is so gentle that it is perfect for a sensitive skin or for a woman during pregnancy. The beauty of this peel is that no pre-treating your skin is necessary, so you can have it whenever you want without prior planning.

Double cleanse, enzyme peel, mask, scalp massage, serum, moisturise, SPF.

Signature Facial.


This revolutionary treatment performed in four layers will change the appearance of your skin in just one application. Vitamin C, Glycolic Acid, and gentle but highly effective enzymes speed up cellular turnover and brighten, tighten, and lighten your skin in just one treatment. Revitalize dry, dull, aging skin with this Vitamin C enriched hydrating facial. This is a fantastic step up for someone who has experienced regular facial treatments but is looking for something more!

Double cleanse, 4 layer treatment, scalp massage, serum, moisturise, SPF.

O2 Oxygen Facial.


Brought to you by Image Skincare, this luxurious, oxygen skin care treatment infuses oxygen, plant-derived stem cells, peptides and a high concentration of enzymatic botanicals into the skin leaving it refreshed, rejuvenated and looking luminous. This is an amazing facial for a bride-to-be or anyone with a special event to go to. It is so gentle on the skin that it is perfect to have done either the day before an event or even the day of! Pregnancy safe.

Double cleanse, enzymatic facial peel, oxygen mask, scalp massage, serum, moisturise, SPF.



Dermalux LED Phototherapy Facial.


Dermalux is a relaxing, pain free experience with proven mood enhancing effects. Enjoy some well-deserved me-time as your skin absorbs the energising light to kick start cell regeneration, calm irritation and restore radiance.

Includes double cleanse, exfoliation, Dermalux LED (30mins), moisturise, SPF.

A month of Dermalux                             £290.00 

8 treatments within one month

Treatments taken in quick succession will achieve optimum results.

Dermalux LED is an incredible addition to any skin treatment and will boost your results instantly. See 'Add Ons' below.

Micro Needling.

Micro Needling is a safe, chemical-free, minimally invasive treatment that rejuvenates the skin (also known as Collagen Induction Therapy, Dermaroller or Dermapen). A device with fine needles creates tiny punctures in the top layer of the skin, which triggers the body to create new collagen and elastin. Micro Needling can be performed on all skin colours and types and is the holy grail of skin rejuvenation! Includes face and neck.

Double cleanse, micro needling, mask, Dermalux LED Phototherapy, scalp massage, serum, moisturise, SPF.

Single Session                                           £170.00

Course of 3                                                 £425.00


Dermaplaning is a non-invasive form of manual exfoliation that resurfaces dehydrated, dull and aging skin. A specialised blade gently removes dead skin cells and vellus hair (peach fuzz) giving the skin a smoother texture, softens the appearance of fine lines, scars and sun damage.

Mini Dermaplane.


Includes double cleanse, dermaplane, moisturise & SPF

Deluxe Dermaplane.


Includes double cleanse, dermaplane, custom jelly mask, scalp massage, serum, moisturise

& SPF.

Microcurrent Facial.

Single Session                                           £65.00

Course of 10                                              £550.00

A relaxing, results-driven facial. Micro current recharges energy levels in the skin cells, which helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles, improves muscle tone and leaves you with a youthful, radiant glow. Micro current is a great treatment for everyone and is an incredible, natural alternative to botox and filler.

Double cleanse, micro current, mask, scalp massage, serum, moisturise, SPF.



Dermalux LED (20mins)                      £30.00

Custom Jelly Mask                                  £10.00

Extractions                                                  £10.00

Micro Current                                           £25.00

Reiki (15mins)                                            £15.00



HDBrows*                                                   £25.00

Brow Lamination*                                  £40.00    

Lash Lift* (includes lash tint)             £45.00

Brow Wax                                                   £9.00

Brow Tint*                                                  £8.00


(please contact me directly for bookings)                           

Microblading Colour Boost*

Within 12 months                                    £210.00

Within 18 months                                    £245.00

Within 24 months                                    £315.00

After 24 months full price applies             


Combination Brows Colour Boost*

Within 12 months                                    £270.00

Within 18 months                                    £315.00

Within 24 months                                    £405.00

After 24 months full price applies



Upper lip                                                       £6.00

Underarm (hot wax)                               £9.00

Basic Bikini (hot wax)                             £15.00

Extended Bikini (hot wax)                   £20.00

Brazilian/Hollywood                              £25.00



Brow Tint & Wax*                                    £16.00

HDBrows & Lash Lift*                           £60.00


Reiki (1 hour)                                              £45.00

*Patch test required at least 24 hours prior to treatment

Payments by cash, card or bank transfer

Finance options available

If you are unable to make your appointment please give at least 24 hours’ notice

Gift vouchers available