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I have been trained by Kim Lawless, 'The Wax Queen'. Kim Lawless has

revolutionised the waxing world and is regarded as a leading authority in

the field; in particular Intimate Waxing or Extreme Waxing as she prefers

to call it. She is often in the media, commenting on the latest trends and

her unique technique.


The following is not advised 24 hours prior to OR after waxing:

  • Sauna

  • Steam room

  • Sunbed

  • Sunbathing

  • Swimming

  • Exercising


Female Intimate Waxing - Brazilian and Hollywood

The intimate waxing treatments require removal of all clothing from the waist down but you will be made to feel at ease throughout the treatment and will love the waxed result! Hot wax is used for this treatment which ensures easy removal and is suitable for sensitive skins. I use Perron Rigot wax, which is used by Kim Lawless.

Brazilian: Removal of hair between the buttock cheeks, inner and outer labia and the pubic mound leaving only a 'landing strip' on the pubic mound.

Hollywood: Removal as above except the pubic mound is completely bare.


How to prepare

  • Please make sure you have at least three or four weeks' hair growth; anything less and you will not get the smooth result you want.

  • Where possible please be freshly showered. If you don't get the chance before you arrive please say so and I will ensure you get the chance to freshen up.

  • Please wear comfortable/loose clothing to your appointment.

There is no such thing as pain free waxing but I keep any discomfort to a minimum and when you wax regularly the pain is much easier to bear!

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